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Military Biographies

For a small research and documentation fee, I will compile your ancestors Australian military biography. A typical Boer War, World War I and WW2 biographies would include details listed below, as well as documents from the Australian War Memorial, National Archives,
London Gazette and Commonwealth War Graves, as applicable


“Having recently become a father I decided to research my family history in more detail. I knew that my ancestors had fought in both world wars but my knowledge of their efforts and commitment was at best limited. Doug’s research and commitment to exploring my families past helped bring them back to life, not only for me but for my future generations. Members of my family were no longer names, they were people, who served and in some instances died for our country. I cannot thank Doug enough for his patience and sensitive approach to such a critical part of what has become a defining part of my own families history. I encourage anyone who has had family members serve to explore the past and I have no hesitation in recommending Doug who has gone above and beyond to help me value the past. Thank you".

Chris Taylor.

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